Help Us Find A Cure For Breast Cancer

NZ artists supporting the TRIUMPH compilation CD

Helping NZ 'Triumph' over Breast Cancer

The hippest New Zealand musicians, including Bic Runga, Goldenhorse, Scribe and Brooke Fraser, have banded together for a new album to help the fight against breast cancer.


The TRIUMPH compilation CD  released nationwide by Sony Music on Monday, September 13 features 19 hit songs from contemporary local bands and solo artists.


Michael Glading, managing director of Sony Music, says: It is the artists who make projects like this a success and all of the artists involved are personally committed to this cause.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among New Zealand women. A percentage of sales from the album will go to the Breast Cancer Research Trust to be used for research into breast cancer.


Trust chairperson Mimi Lloyd says: Its fantastic our top musicians have lent their incredible talents to help us gain much needed financial support and ongoing awareness.

Breast cancer rates in New Zealand have been steadily increasing. More than 2000 women are diagnosed and 600 women die each year from the disease, a figure which is higher than the road toll.


The album will be available at all music retail outlets from September 13 onwards.

“I have committed to doing everything possible to raise awareness of the Trust’s profile and move all of us as fast as possible towards the goal of a future free of the fear of breast cancer.”

The Facts

Nine New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

About 25 men are diagnosed in New Zealand each year

Survival Rates

80% of people with breast cancer survive 10 years or more