Help Us Find A Cure For Breast Cancer


New Zealand has one of the highest rates of incidence and the third highest death rate from breast cancer in the western world. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to prevent the disease as we do not know what causes breast cancer. Therefore the majority of activities and research have looked at ways of diagnosing the disease early i.e. the earlier the diagnosis the better the chance of cure.


Research has focused on better and more effective cures for breast cancer. Most recently these cures have been of the drug type and there have been major advances.  Each week articles appear about new breast cancer drugs that may have taken five to ten years to translate themselves from the laboratory experiments to real time safe effective use in the battle against breast cancer.


The Breast Cancer Research Trust has been set up to provide funds for experienced, skilled researchers who are involved in breakthrough type research in this area. Improvements in communications mean we are part of a global village and are able to truly fund and support world class researchers here in New Zealand.


As such, we have several major funding initiatives. These are in partnership with Auckland University, Otago University, Industrial Research Ltd and the Liggins Institute, Auckland. We are currently funding several research projects which are lead by world class researchers. We have funded research projects in the past and these research projects have taken many years to produce meaningful data which is helpful in the battle against breast cancer. It is our hope that in our lifetime with the support of these research funds, we will find a cure for breast cancer or ways to better diagnose or prevent breast cancer.


This is a critical problem affecting one in ten women in New Zealand. Not only do our researchers provide us with this original research resource but they also provide teaching, learning and leadership in this field. 

“I have committed to doing everything possible to raise awareness of the Trust’s profile and move all of us as fast as possible towards the goal of a future free of the fear of breast cancer.”

The Facts

Nine New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

About 25 men are diagnosed in New Zealand each year

Survival Rates

80% of people with breast cancer survive 10 years or more